Dev Ops

Principal DevOps Engineer

Principal DevOps Engineer

The optimal fit for this position will have a proven background scaling within AWS EC2. The optimal fit must be a leader and self-starter, organized, motivated, excellent at multi-tasking, and familiar with Agile methodologies.

About us:
Our philosophy is simple: hire amazing engineers, give them the best tools and work environment, surround them with a great team, and help them deliver amazing software.

Desired Skills & Experience:
Total awareness and compelling experience with Amazon AWS ecosystem, EC2, PaaS offerings (EMR, RDS, Redshift, etc.) & VPC [Be prepared to share scaling and automation war stories!] Chef and/or Puppet
Jenkins and/or other configuration management tools
Databases: PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle
Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, Courier, Sendgrid, etc.
SSH keys + Keychain
Command line scripting: sh/bash, perl, ruby, sed, and/or awk
SCM concepts: bzr, svn, git, and/or cvs
OpenVPN & IPSec
DNS: tinydns, dnscache, djbdns
Web servers: apache, nginx, nodejs
OpenLDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory
Network (LAN/WAN) design, management, and monitoring (via Nagios, Argus, MRTG, etc.

Please submit your resume to to Apply. Thanks!

System Dev Ops Engineer in Downtown Austin, TX

System Dev. Ops. Engineer
Downtown Austin, TX

System Dev. Ops. Engineer needed with AWS/EC2 experience to design and implement scalable systems in order to maintain backend infrastructure.


  • Active member of Engineering Team of Developers to solve operational issues:
    • Services/Tools/Apps
  • Control the security of all systems
  • Design/Build Scalable Systems, supporting:
    • Web Services
    • Back-end Tools/Applications
  • Production Deployments:
    • Performing/Automating
  • Production Systems:
    • Monitoring/Maintaining/Optimizing
  • Improve infrastructure by planning/executing projects
  • Scheduling/Coordinating/Communicating


  • CS BA Degree (or equal)
  • Administering large-scale Web Applications, with:
    • Apache, PHP, Rails, Django
  • Automating large scale deployments/deployment Management Systems, with:
    • Puppet, cfengine, Chef, Capistrano, Fabric
  • Maintaining mission-critical Linux Production Servers:
    • Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, and Windows
  • Building Scalable Systems:
    • load balancers, memcached, master/slave architectures, sharding, Nginx, RabbitMQ
  • Maintaining/Monitoring/Optimizing production Database Servers:
    • MySQL, Hadoop, Hive, H-Base
  • Monitoring performance metrics analysis:
    • Nagios, Cacti, Munin, Ganglia, Hyperic
  • Security/Performance/Monitoring best practices
  • Python, Ruby, Shell Scripting