Research Engineering SW Developer

PhD or MS/CS focus – High Frequency Trading firm
We are seeking software engineers to join our Research Engineering/Data Science team. This group combines modeling and engineering at and are responsible for all aspects of the modeling workflow that transforms data into production trading algorithms. Some of the problems addressed by this diverse group of engineers are:
Scalable data analysis and visualization;
Modeling languages that enable declarative and conversational model development;
Distributed simulators and simulation infrastructure to support large scale simulations;
Portfolio and risk analysis and steering platform.

Requirements Include:
5+ years of software development experience.
Strong background in computer science. A PhD or Masters in Computer Science from an accredited institution is required.
Experience in and have a deep passion for one or more of the following areas: large scale distributed systems design, portfolio and risk analysis, experience developing languages and language tools, data science, data visualization and distributed simulations.
Excitement to work closely with our modelers, portfolio managers and others, to gain a deep understanding of critical aspects of our business
An appreciation and understanding of quantitative software development.
Excellent communication skills.

Please submit your resume to to Apply. Thanks!