Principal DevOps Engineer

The optimal fit for this position will have a proven background scaling within AWS EC2. The optimal fit must be a leader and self-starter, organized, motivated, excellent at multi-tasking, and familiar with Agile methodologies.

About us:
Our philosophy is simple: hire amazing engineers, give them the best tools and work environment, surround them with a great team, and help them deliver amazing software.

Desired Skills & Experience:
Total awareness and compelling experience with Amazon AWS ecosystem, EC2, PaaS offerings (EMR, RDS, Redshift, etc.) & VPC [Be prepared to share scaling and automation war stories!] Chef and/or Puppet
Jenkins and/or other configuration management tools
Databases: PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle
Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, Courier, Sendgrid, etc.
SSH keys + Keychain
Command line scripting: sh/bash, perl, ruby, sed, and/or awk
SCM concepts: bzr, svn, git, and/or cvs
OpenVPN & IPSec
DNS: tinydns, dnscache, djbdns
Web servers: apache, nginx, nodejs
OpenLDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory
Network (LAN/WAN) design, management, and monitoring (via Nagios, Argus, MRTG, etc.

Please submit your resume to to Apply. Thanks!