Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer (West Austin, TX)

Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer
West Austin, TX

Are you looking for the opportunity to push boundaries using Ruby on Rails and MySQL within full spectrum software product development lifecycles in a cloud-based Linux environment?  Do you have the capacity to communicate through challenging feature requirements in the production process of debugging issues?  If you are confident in your ability to optimize queries as well as different strategies for caching data and data spelunking, then this may be an ideal opportunity for you to work across technology to build infrastructure and scalable software.


  • Contribute to Development Team to build scalable software
  • Refine/Improve framework/infrastructure
  • Scale/Grow platform
  • Cache data and optimize queries
  • Setup multi-tenancy databases
  • Develop multiple products
  • Complete full text searches (Lucene, Sphinx, etc)
  • Use Redis, Resque, SQS, S3, Memcache, and various other tools
  • Take on a heavy asynchronous workload
  • Make the internal system better


  • Computer Science Degree
  • Rails/Ruby (2+ years)
  • Performance optimization
  • Complex refactoring
  • Large database experience
  • Javascript/Jquery (1+years)
  • SaaS Development
  • Rackspace or Amazon Web Services
  • Redis & Resque
  • DevOps for large scale Rails application
  • Debugging and data spelunking skills